U SPORTS 2020 Draft - Rawling v. Cyr


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The U SPORTS 2020 championship begins this Thursday, and two running nerds go head-to-head in a prediction contest.

Contestant 1 - Angus Rawling

Contestant 2 - Alex Cyr

  • St. FX and Windsor alumnus

  • U SPORTS 1,500m finalist (2017)

  • Thinks about running a ton

  • Knows how to pronounce Marcel Scheele’s last name

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The Rules

  • Team Rawling and Team Cyr take turns selecting U SPORTS participants until each team is complete

  • Teams must consist one (1) male and one (1) female in each event from the 600m to the 3,000m, for a total of eight (8) runners.

  • Teams then take turns selecting their dark horse picks. Each team gets two (2) dark horse picks, so that teams consist of 10 runners.

  • A dark horse pick can be competing in any event. They must, however, be ranked outside the top six on the performance lists.

  • In each race, the runner who finishes highest among selected runners earns one point for his or her team.

  • A runner can only score for his or her team in the event in which they are selected. For example: if Cyr selects Lucia Stafford in the 1,000m, her placing in the 1,500m will not earn Cyr points.

  • If a dark horse beats the other team’s top 8 runner, he or she earns his team two (2) points. Ex: Rawling selects Aidan Goslett as his dark horse pick. Goslett goes on to beat Cyr’s 1,000m pick, Kevin Robertson. Two points Rawling.

  • The team with the most points wins.

The Wager

The loser buys the winner one (1) growler of Halifax beer. The winner chooses the type of beer.

The Matchups

Women’s 600m

Sadie-Jane Hickson - Guelph (RAWLING) VS Jenna Smith - Guelph (CYR)

Men’s 600m

Sebastian Saville - Laval (RAWLING) VS Jack Berkshire - Toronto (CYR)

Women’s 1,000m

Lucia Stafford - Toronto (RAWLING) VS Avery Garrett-Patterson - Toronto (CYR)

Men’s 1,000m

Eric Lutz - Calgary (RAWLING) VS Kevin Robertson - Montreal (CYR)

Women’s 1,500m

Kate Current - Western (RAWLING) VS Lucia Stafford - Toronto (CYR)

Men’s 1,500m

Kevin Robertson - Montreal (RAWLING) VS Jean-Simon Desgagnés - Laval (CYR)

Women’s 3,000m

Jessy Lacourse - Laval (RAWLING) VS Kate Current - Western (CYR)

Men’s 3,000m

Alex James - Calgary (RAWLING) VS Jean-Simon Desgagnés - Laval (CYR)

Dark Horses

Team Rawling

Jane Hergett - St. FX - 1,500m

Aidan Goslett - Dalhousie - 1,000m

Team Cyr

David Gendreau-Fillion - Laval - 1,000

Isaiah Frielink - Western - 3,000m

The tally will be posted in the next newsletter by The U.

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